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Byron & Jonathan

We’re perfectly matched opposites. We balance one another. As of October 10th, 2008 we will have been together for eight years. It hasn’t always been easy, but it has always been love, real love.

A little over eight years ago we first encountered one another at a support group meeting. We were the youngest there and a both somewhat anxious and unfamiliar with such a setting. Unsurprisingly, neither of us managed to acclimate well in such uncharted territory and as such probably stood out glaringly.

Almost immediately and somewhat unconsciously we were sitting next to one another wide-eyed and somewhat credulous and unsuspecting. Before we spoke to one another we were already taking refuge in each others presence. We both noticed one another, but found ourselves fixed in the clutches of bashfulness. Eventually, as he tends to, Byron jumped in, saying, “Don’t worry, I’ll protect you”.

One conversation led to another which led to e-mails, telephone conversations, late nights of coffee and discussion and the like. We were both smitten and both too petrified by fear of rejection to make such an admission. At last, again, it was Byron who would make the first move. Little did we know how didactic and telling those exchanges would be regarding how we’d interact in future. Albeit a bit of an easy way out, Byron sent an email that began something like, “Although I’m apprehensive about the contents herein, I’m not one to beat around the bush and so…”

And three pages later, “It will likely be the blind leading the blind, but maybe together we can figure it out. I don’t know any rules or how it all works, but would you be interested in attempting a relationship with me?”

Jonathan’s reply, later that evening came in the form of a much simpler three-letter response, “Yes!”

We’d spend more time getting to know one another, day after day, over gallons of coffee into the wee hours of the mornings at IHOP or the Old South Pancake House. Soon after, though we were scarcely comfortable telling our families at the time, we had a commitment ceremony, a wedding of our own creation in the only way we knew how. Years later we’d have another, a vow renewal shindig in Polperro, Cornwall in the United Kingdom, in a beautiful, fairytale, 16th century cottage on the edge of a cliff overlooking the ocean. :::reminiscent sigh::: Chicken soup for the hopelessly romantic soul, that is.

This will be our third. Third time a charm? You betcha! California has made changes in the interest of fairness and equality. They’ve acknowledged that two people in love who choose to make a monogamous commitment to one another are worth protecting in the law. They’ve recognized that love can only strengthen a society, no matter the form it takes. And there is something about it that’s just different, something that people respect and believe in and we deserve that. We’re like anyone else. Our love is the same (if not better I might boastfully add).

Please also consider this an invitation! While we know travel isn’t always convenient we will be married San Diego. If anyone wants to meet us there, let us know. The address is:

County Administration Center

1600 Pacific Highway, Room 273

San Diego, CA 92101-2480

Love will find a way through paths where wolves fear to prey. ~ Lord Byron

Love Inspiration

True Love

Fast Facts

First met: At a supoprt group.
First date: International House of Pancakes
Got engaged: also at the International House of Pancakes
Ceremony date: 07/16/2008
Ceremony location: San Deigo
Favorite planning resource: twogrooms.com
Honeymoon destination: Nassau, St. Thomas and St. maarten

In Case You Were Wondering

We're calling our celebration: A Wedding!!
Our wedding colors: Blue and Green of course.
We will be wearing: Clothing.
Who proposed to who: We don't remember.
Our last name will be: Bounds, as it is now (already had name change years ago)
We are registered at: One of a million! Amazon.com

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