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Shay & Kala

“Us” is Shay and Kala and we’re totally ridiculous and absolutely perfect for each other.

We met online and bonded over Pete Wentz/bandom, met for sandwiches and spoon throwing on May 7, 2007, went to a ton of concerts and sleepovers together, spent four months being hopelessly in love with each other and convinced that the relationship would never happen, and finally got our shit together on September 16, 2007. We’ve been happily together ever since. And now we’re getting married and it’s going to rock SO HARD.

We’re “technically” not engaged yet because we’re poor college students and can’t afford an engagement ring, but. We’ll get there.

"You clicked your heels and wished for me."

Fast Facts

First met: In person? May 7 2007. Online, it was April 25.
First date: We didn't really "date" we just...fell in love.
Got engaged: TBA, obviously.
Ceremony date: 05/06/2011
Honeymoon destination: Disney World

In Case You Were Wondering

Who proposed to who: Kala will be proposing to Shay, when she can afford it.
Our last name will be: Gallop-LaRoche

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