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Thom & Adam

Adam and I have been joined at the hip (emotionally – speaking) for over nine years. After touring together, living together, living together while only one of us toured, etc, at one fateful Cheesecake Factory dinner, we decided to take the plunge and tell each other how much we mean to each other in front of our family and beloved friends. I feel blessed and fortunate to be marrying my best friend, and I know Adam feels the same way. Our wedding day is but a blip on the charts of our life together…but on that day, we’ll share wonderful food, loving company and words of commitment, support and very possibly humor. Join us on October 13th and share the day and the love with us!

"The laws of gravity cannot be held responsible for people falling in love" - Albert Einstein

Fast Facts

First met: late December 1998
First date: Johnny Rockets over burgers and shakes
Got engaged: Cheesecake Factory over lettuce wraps and herbal iced tea
Ceremony location: The Mountain Lakes Hosue - Princeton, NJ
Favorite planning resource: the knot, our own creativity

In Case You Were Wondering

Our wedding colors: blush and bashful...kidding
We will be wearing: clothes....hopefully
Our last name will be: Merman-Borgnine

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