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Tiffany & Noelle

Noelle & I (Tif) met around Christmas 2006. We began dating in March of 2007. I moved to Florida in August of ’07 while Noelle stayed in Illinois. She has always been much more grounded & stable than me. She’s an Aquarius & I’m a Gemini~go figure. We have had our ups & downs, times together & apart, we’ve even broken up, dated other people & have come back together~all while she was here in Illinois and I moved to Florida, then Georgia & back to Illinois. I came into the relationship with 2 children (Mac is now 17 & a senior in high school and Merci is now 15 & a freshman) and a golden retriever, Ari. Noelle came with Peyton (a min-pin/yorkie mix) & Diego (a rat terrier/chahuahua mix). We have added to this mix 2 foster kids (Chad, 19 & a senior in high school, and Dre, 16 & a freshman in high school) and 2 cats (Titters [adopted from Noelle’s aunt when they moved] and Coal [a stray black kitten who found his way in through the doggy doors and wouldn’t leave]. I have a large family that is very loud and she has a small family that is much more reserved. Both families are amazing and supportive and Noelle & I are convinced that our families love our partner more than they love us.

Tif: I wish I had a direct link into your mind. Noelle: No you don't. Sometimes I don't even want to be in here.

Love Inspiration

Noelle~for the person she is & the better person I am because of her.

Fast Facts

First met: Around Christmas 2006 Springfield, IL
First date: Take A Friend to Work 2007 ;^p
Got engaged: Thanksgiving 2011
Ceremony location: looking~we want a beach wedding

In Case You Were Wondering

We will be wearing: Whatever we decide we like :D
Who proposed to who: I proposed to Noelle in front of her family
Our last name will be: Clark

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