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tina & tiff

My name is Tina (30) and my partners name is Tiffany (29). I first met her on a website that I had been on for about 7 yrs, they had a dating match.com kinda thing and everytime I had a match she was the first one on the page, for 4 yrs it was like that, then finally I took up the nerve to pay so I could leave her a message but when I tried to my computer went down. So you know I was crushed. Well i finally found this site called myspace and last year I was just looking for single females in or around my area and when I got the feedback she was on that list.. So I took the oppurtunity to write her a note and let her know I was interested and we started to convo from there I think the first day we talked it was from 11am to 12am that night. Well at this time she was going thru a breakup with her ex and I let her know I wasnt going anywere that I would be there.. Well to make the long story short I moved to be with her and now going on a yr later we got engaged on Christmas and we are planning a summer wedding. I have never in my 30 yrs of living ever been inlove and now I know what it feels like she is my one and only..

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Fast Facts

First met: online
Got engaged: christmas 07
Ceremony location: in the process
Honeymoon destination: dont know yet

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