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Tisha & Bridgett

Bridgett and I met actually on myspace July 17 2007!!!

I tried to play off as i knew where cedar bluff was but in all reality I have only been there once in my whole life…yeah i only said i knew how to get there so i could hopefully get a date with her…man i tell you i got my date alright,plus so far 7 months.We got together July 26,2007!! I lover her to death! We share a lot of interest,she thinks she is better in sports than me but in all reality i let her win so she would feel more loved…lol jk

forever and ever babe

Love Inspiration

The Love She Gives Me

Fast Facts

First met: July 25,2007 in person..july 17th online(myspace)
First date: August 3rd...Hot Rod..Memories
Got engaged: August 28th,2007
Ceremony location: Undecided
Honeymoon destination: Smokies

In Case You Were Wondering

We're calling our celebration: Online Marriage
Our wedding colors: Undecided
We will be wearing: Tisha=Suit Bridgett=Slanks
Who proposed to who: Tisha proposed to bridgett at the park
Our last name will be: Jones Bridgett is takin Tisha's

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