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mandy & Rachael

We are both rather young but we love each other very much. Some of our friends, family, and people we dont even know dont understand why we are so close. We are pretty much two peas in a pod. She always knows when something is wrong with me and its great. I love her with ever single beat of my heart.

if i had the choice between being right and protecting you id be wrong every single time cause thats just who i am

Love Inspiration

are rents was really supported of it all. but mostly the love that we had for one another

Fast Facts

First met: At the mall cause her friend was friends with my friend
First date: sometime in june 07
Got engaged: v-day 08
Ceremony location: no location yet
Honeymoon destination: we want to go to pairs

In Case You Were Wondering

Our wedding colors: red;pink;and white
We will be wearing: dresses
Who proposed to who: She proposed to me
Our last name will be: Pruznak

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