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Tory & Amber

origionally i HATED amber, she was “talking” to my ex who i still had feelings for at the time. she had added me on myspace and i had deleted her and blocked her, and then the same day that i unblocked her she added me back. we started talking first just on the computer and then on the phone, and a few weeks later i realized i was falling for her. after talking for two months i went back to PA to visit and brought her back to WA with me and the rest is history! almost 7 months and an engagement later we’re still going strong.

your the reason that i breathe

Fast Facts

First met: myspace
First date: feb. 14, 2009
Got engaged: feb. 25, 2009
Ceremony location: TBA
Favorite planning resource: friends & family
Honeymoon destination: unsure

In Case You Were Wondering

We're calling our celebration: a ceremony.
Our wedding colors: teal, silver & white.
We will be wearing: tory-simple white dress, amber-khakis and white button up
Who proposed to who: amber purposed to tory
Our last name will be: Bricker

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