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Mykeus & Watson

Hi everyone my name is Watson AKA Trayneal. I’m 30 years old A Dancer/Singer. I have worked with youth from about the age of 16. I went to Lincoln Park High School in chicago Il didn’t do so good so i moved on to live with my brother in Kalamazoo MI, I was a bad boy and didn’t really like school. Ready to get out of school I went away to military school. Graduating with honors and went right back to dancing. I started a drill team and dance group with inter city youth. sing at church and work hard on my line. I am a good guy and never did think i would meet someone like Mykeus. I knew love but now like this. For the longest time I searched high above the sky to find the one for me. Sweet birds guided my limbs and now i know Mykeus is purely destiny. A few clouds came my way And suddenly came the break of day it was many but now its only you. it was so hard to open my heart to someone new i was Sailing cautiously without knowing that mykeus would be my know reality that would soon come. Strong winds brought me from my high I drifted gradually from my ride Touching down, kissing ground It’s was you that I looked for. Tender lover, you blow my cover you Released emotions, now there’s no other, but us two you gave me you now i give my love to u. God has blessed me with a best friend and soulmate. I Discover trust with your male sunshine and nothing less. Just the touch of my hand

And infinite want from you knowin i’m your my man now gonna make you mine until the end of time

Simply put, I live my life for you.

About Mykeus

Hello there im Mykeus johnson a.k.a. Keezy thats what most of my friends call me. I’m 20 years old. i work in Retail also a photographer. I was born and rasied in Phoenix, Az and lived my whole life there completed grade / high school there and also apart of a traveling dance group.life was good just nobody to share it with. thought i was gonna spend the rest of my life there until i met a wonderful guy that i thought was to good to be true .so i made him wait not wanting to jump in a fast relationship so i know that we could be friends but just talk and date. but things just seem like it was ment i had a guy who really was in to me very handsome and just so real and my type of guy i couldnt ask for more. he said he would stay in aizona because we didnt want a long distance relationship being he was there from chicago just visiting his family. but i desicided i didnt want to be in boring arizona for the ret of my life be with this great guy who made me so happy so i said i would go to chicago.

get yo life

Love Inspiration

we inspired eachother

Fast Facts

First met: march 2012
First date: may2012
Got engaged: August 2012
Ceremony date: 07/11/2014
Ceremony location: Chicago
Honeymoon destination: Disneyland

In Case You Were Wondering

Our wedding colors: Red, White, Gold
Who proposed to who: Trayneal proposed to mykeus
Our last name will be: Brown

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