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Elizabeth & Kelley

Kelley & Liz met through Plentyoffish.com which is a free dating website. They wrote each other online several times before their first date, when they officially met. It was Liz who found Kelley online and attempted to start a conversation. It was Kelley’s idea to go out for a nice dinner and a walk on the beach. Plans were made, the date was set, September 16th 2008. Kelley picked up Liz at her apartment with a bouquet of flowers waiting for her on the seat. They talked and got to know one another as they ate dinner at a nice Italian Resturant. After dinner Kelley took Liz to Branford Beach for a quiet walk along the shore. Before Kelley and Liz left the beach to end their date, Liz got up the courage to kiss Kelley. And so was the first kiss. It was from there that started the beginning of a long and loving friendship and relationship.

Weeks later after hours of conversation and late night meetings, Kelley learned unbenounced to her, that Liz’s perfect first date had come true. She had always wanted a nice Italian dinner and a moonlit walk on the beach. Months later after moving in together and integrating the “kids” – Kelley’s Boston Terrior & Liz’s kitty cat, they started a new chapter of their lives.

On August 2nd 2009, after several discussions on marriage the question was asked by Kelley…”Will you marry me?” And Liz’s reply after a few minutes of exciting shock was “Yes!” So now they are in the midst of planning their August 20th 2011 Wedding Celebration.

* Our first dance will be Lullabye by Dixie Chicks *

"In dreams and in love there are no impossibilities."

Love Inspiration

The love we share for each other.

Fast Facts

First met: on Plentyoffish.com
First date: September 16th 2008
Got engaged: August 2nd 2009
Ceremony location: Lily Lake Wolcott, CT
Favorite planning resource: TheKnot
Honeymoon destination: P-Town, MA

In Case You Were Wondering

We're calling our celebration: Our Wedding
Our wedding colors: TBD
We will be wearing: Kelley - Dress pants & Vest, Liz - Dress
Who proposed to who: Kelley proposed to Liz
Our last name will be: Babineau
We are registered at: TBD TBD

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