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Jennephyr & Evelyn

We met in May online on downelink.com… Niether of us where lookin for anything we jus started chatting after we commented on each other pictures we started chatting and eventually exchanged numbers… Evelyn was in a relationship when we first started bein friends as I stated before niether of us had intentions on bein anything other than friends.. We would text all day.. Evelyn was at school in S.C. when she came back home from school we meet face to face..and clicked instantly we spent that whole day together.. Since I knew she was in a relationship I never crossed my boundaries she didn’t leave my house until 5 that mornin.. then we went to the six flags zoo the park the club we went everywhere together she would come over and spend the night and everything.. People thought we was together and at the time we weren’t well Evelyn relationship went sour and a mutual friend of ours told her that I like her and she liked me and we talked and decided to become more than friends..and jus see what happened… Then we took a road trip to South Carolina and it was perfect the trip the beach her us…It was all perfect..I knew I loved you then… Then we came back and one night she asked me to be hers August 5, 2009 to be exact…We get along so great we haven’t had an arguement yet we feel the same about pretty much everything so it makes it hard to argue wit your best friend and someone you can unjudgingly tell everything to…we laugh for hours..and she treats my son as if he was hers.. she is amazing…She has proved herself to be worthy of me and my son most of all of the love we share.. I never thought that I could experience a love so peaceful sincere and happy until I met her…I guess its cause some of the best things in life aren’t planned… Because we weren’t… We jus happened….Everyday we spend feels like the first day.. everytime we kiss we share feels like the first kiss..She loves me for my flaws n I love her for hers.. We don’t claim to be perfect but we feel we have found the perfect love for us…We feel each other voids…and thats what makes us complete….This is us and this is how we love…

~Some Of The Best Things In Life Aren't...Planned~

Love Inspiration


Fast Facts

First met: Online in May
First date: Never had an official first date
Got engaged: We agreed in August of 09
Ceremony location: Missouri but gettin married in Conn.
Favorite planning resource: Internet
Honeymoon destination: South Carolina...It was our first trip together

In Case You Were Wondering

We're calling our celebration: Happily Ever After
Our wedding colors: Lavendar and cream a splash of silver
We will be wearing: Jennephyr will b wearin a fittd weddin dress n Evelyn a tux
Who proposed to who: It was a mutual decision whn i gethe ring willb the surprise
Our last name will be: Ruff

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