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valencia & kenja

Our story begins in DC at Bennett Makeup and Beauty school. The first time we met Valencia thought I was applying to for the barber classes. Little did she know I was just waiting on my brother who was in the class. As we talked some I told her that I was trying to open my own business and so she gave me her number because she had some contacts of people that she knew that could help. That ended the conversation for the night….I tried to call her later on that evening to see if maybe she would like to go out for some drinks, Valencia not only told me NO but told me don’t call me I will call you. Well I thought to myself I am drinking alone tonight. So I went to a popular gay and lesbian bookstore just to relax and look at some new books when my phone rang and who was it but Valencia. We met up later on that night and wound up going to one of the busiest nightclubs for a Saturday in DC and we sat and talked the whole time as if we were the only ones in the club. We have been together ever since…going on 3 years now. For me the funniest thing about our first date is finding out that Valencia came out only because I was buying drinks. All I can say is glad I was buying…LOL! In the months that passed we truly took the time to get to know one another and took the time to be friends first. Valencia and I compliment each other whether we agree with what the other is saying or not we take the time to talk it out. The road we have traveled to get here has been bumpy, but always worthwhile and always traveled with a lot of love for each other. We are looking forward to continuosly growing together in love and marriage.

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Truly Blessed

Fast Facts

First met: We met at my Hair School
First date: The Apex...
Got engaged: April 2009
Ceremony date: 06/03/2011
Ceremony location: To Be Determined
Favorite planning resource: Purple Unions
Honeymoon destination: Perry Cabin

In Case You Were Wondering

Our wedding colors: Tiffany Blue and Chocolate
Who proposed to who: Kinney to Vee

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