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Wayne & Marc

We have been dating for almost 6 years. In May, 2008, when the CA Supreme Court decision actually came down in favor of allowing same sex couples to marry we were stunned! We didn’t really have much time to think about the decision or its impact as we were heading off to Europe for a three week vacation. Once we returned to the US, the effort to overturn these new rights with a state constitutional amendment was in full swing with a ballot initiative known as Prop 8. Wayne, who does not like to be rushed, quickly decided that time was of the essence once he read that anyone whose marriage is performed before the election on November 4, 2008 should hold and could not be struck down. On a balmy Friday night, as the sun was setting on a majestic Laguna Beach, Wayne and Marc were having dinner watching the dolphins swim by when Wayne proposed to his handsome partner Marc with a 1ct diamond ring.

Fast Facts

First met: 12/07/2002
Got engaged: 08/22/2008
Ceremony date: 10/02/2008
Ceremony location: Newport Beach, CA

In Case You Were Wondering

Who proposed to who: Wayne proposed to Marc

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