Wedding Story

The 7 year love

Seven years ago I Lindsey, was 19 and my love was 17. Her and I were both in different places in our lives I was involed with another woman and she was just a girl trying to figure out life. Well one day as I was visiting my girlfriend I noticed this lonely and confised girl, everyday I stopped and asked her if she wanted a ride for some reason I was attracted to her knowing i was in a relationship I didnt care for a year I asked her if she wanted a ride because she was always walking rain sleet or snow. I found myself watching her and finding her smiling at me for that full year we never really spoke and i never knew her name. But when I moved away it felt like a piece of me was missing and I didnt know why……7 years later I was on a website that I use to meet people and promote my work I got an email from her……oh my after 7 years she is contacting me I didnt know what to do except email her back. For a month we talked and caught up on life and then that beautiful day came I was finally getting to take that beautiful woman Ive had a crush on for years on a date………..Months went by of us talking and goin on dates when I realized that she came back into my life for a reason and when Im with her I feel whole not judged but perfect so I did it I went and found the most beautiful ring that could only explain her beauty and I took her to the show and made her a nice dinner then me being me the dork that always has something up my sleeve. I told her I needed her to sit down because I needed to talk to her of course I think she thought the break-up line was comming…….but I looked at her and said, “Megan you have no idea what you mean to me I could never live my life without you. For 7 years Ive loved you and for some reason we were brought back together and I will never let you go, so Megan E. Joyce will you marry me?” Of course she said yes which made my day and my life. I love her so much I have never been so happy on my life now Im complete and Ill never feel alone again.