Wedding Story

Abby & Laura: She’ll Wear The Sneakers

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We were at a party this last weekend, and three separate people approached us and said "Hey, how is it that Abby gets to wear the ring AND you're taking her last name?? Who is the girl in this relationship?"

And these were our answers:

1. Abby wears the ring because it looks so beautiful on her, and she wears it for the both of us

2. We're both girls, silly! And we're both bossy, which is why we made up our own rules for this wedding.

Says Laura:

It was November. It was cold. The sun set at 4:30 every day, and "Deal or No Deal" was the only thing to watch on TV. Which was why I was snuggled under 2 blankets on our couch, counting the minutes until Abby came home from her dinner out.

When she joined me on the couch that night, she said, "Hey sweetie, do you want some ice cream?"

So I said, "Of course I want ice cream!"

And then nobody moved.

It was silent and still, and my belly was grumbling for mint chocolate chip.

Still nobody moved.

How mean! I was all snuggled under blankets, and she offered me ice cream, and then she wanted me to go get it from the freezer!

So I got up, swung open the freezer door, and there it was: a notecard that said, "WILL YOU MARRY ME?"

Obviously I started screaming, and I jumped up and down at least three times.

And then I got out two bowls, scooped out some ice cream and ran into the family room for hugs and kisses saying, "YES I WILL MARRY YOU!" and handed her the bowl.

She said, "You actually got us ice cream?!?"

And I said, "I thought you wanted ice cream!"

And then we put the ring on her finger, and it sparkled in the night.

She is going to be the most beautiful bride.

We'll both wear white dresses.

And she tells me that I get to wear sneakers.