Wedding Story

Accidentally in Love

My name is Kirby and I'm just half of this magnetic duo know to everyone else as: Kirby & Jess.

It's true, I'm in love, and I can assure you Jess would say the same, and we would both agree…

It was accidental!

Jess and I like to compare ourselves to magnets, the phrase "opposites attract" always seems to ring true in our story.

Although we have our likenesses, our differences stand out like a sore thumb. I'm a theater geek, movie buff, and seeing that I manage a Starbucks, an avid coffee drinker. Jess is a band nerd, book worm, and political figure in the making.

If you ask me why I love her, I could write you a book… if you ask me for a summary, I could sum it up in four words: She is my everything.

Jess would say it's because I make her laugh.

We officially met the summer of 2002 at Thespian Camp AKA Theater Camp. I was Captain Thespian, or the president for the State of Arizona's Thespian Society.

Although Jess was Drum Major for her High School and played the tuba, she found time to dab in the theater department as well and attended camp that year.

I'll be honest, our meeting was not originally "our meeting;" apparently a friend of hers had a crush on me and Jess took the liberty to introduce us all to one another. I remember thinking she was cute, but also remember thinking, "She is oh-so-straight."

Rather than try and turn the tables, I let it be and showed an interest in her friend. Needless to say, it didn't work out, in fact, it didn't go anywhere!

We all continued to remain friends over the next three years, as Jess and I were both in committed relationships during this time.

There would be random phone calls where Jess would dominate the conversation. I remember thinking, "God this woman can talk my ear off!" And every once and awhile we'd get together as a group to hang out. Never once during this time did we ever consider each-other as a possible relationship candidate. I mean, I was attracted to her, but come on, she talked enough for the both of us! And besides, she would say I was nowhere near her type!

It wasn't until the Summer of 2005 that I found out Jess liked women.

From then on, it was inevitable. Somehow, us kissing became an inside joke. One day I gathered up the courage and drove 45 minutes form my home in Chandler to visit her in Avondale with the intent to finally kiss her. However, it literally took me the course of an entire day to work myself up to it.

I'll admit it, I'm all talk.

We recall this story quite differently.

In my version I'm a captivating Casanova, in her version I'm shy and she would hardly call "the kiss" a kiss. In either case, it was that day that I knew I loved her. The "chatty Cathy," complex disappeared from my mind and I actually saw HER. She was amazing, intelligent, talented and extremely beautiful. How had I not seen it before?

Almost three years later and with a few bumps along the road, here we are, magnets, we can't get enough of each-other. Jess beat me to the punch and proposed on September 3rd 2007. I was in the shower when an alarm went off on the other side of the curtain. I washed the soap away and pulled the curtain back to see where the annoyance was coming from. It was my cell phone, had I set an alarm? Nope, it was Jess. She had set an alarm on my cell phone to get my attention. On the mirror was a sticky note directing me to the digital camera on the counter. I pressed play and there she was explaining to me that I was on a scavenger hunt. My next clue was on my guitar in the family room. Jess was nowhere to be found. That clue led me to my car steering wheel. Jess' car was still here, where was she?! The note in my car told me to drive to our special spot which was just a minute down the road on the edge of the Villa De Paz golf course. There she was, sitting on the curb under the starlit sky. I immediately hopped out and joined her. I thought it was cute how she went through all the trouble just so we could reminisce our past. A few minutes later, while talking about the stars, she asked me what my favorite constellation was. I was really contemplating her question when a moment later she turned around with an open ring box asking "how about this one?" She got on two knees and asked me to Marry her.

We've opted for a Celtic tradition called a hand fasting since it's not legal to be married in the state of Arizona. The big day is August 8th, 2008. We'll be surrounded by our friends and family who have been so supportive and loving throughout our journey together.

Looking back, I'm not so sure this was accidental, perhaps just unimaginable. We are true believers that everything happens for a reason, and in our case, the reason is love.