Wedding Story

Alex and Beau: One Day at a Time!

Beau and I met early in 2009. We both attended the same university, and she began working at the same restaurant I was working in. I had seen her around our college campus, and thought to myself, ‘please let that girl be gay!’ Not until a month or so after I saw her did she start working with me, where we were both constantly nervous around each other. She had just ended a tumultuous relationship with an ex, and I was still in a relationship of a couple months. We decided that we enjoyed each other in every aspect, which became too difficult to deny. I ended my short-lived relationship and she asked me to move in. Since then we have acquired her old dog and a new puppy, and we both attend school and work in the hospitality industries. We have spent every day together, and have been fortunate enough to vacation together numerous times already. We are planning to get married sometime in 2011, and can not wait to finalize our love for one another.