Wedding Story

And it began!!!

We met on a website called Glee.com 05/2008 and from there each version develops…

Lacretia’s version

Quietly you came into my life. A breath of fresh air to the stagnent pieces of hurt in my past and present. Gently and slowly you arose befriending me with friendship and gracing me with an open heart and listening ear. Allowing me to be the me I needed to be. With drifting relationships and a maze of the things in our seperate lives we continued to hold on to one another through inconsistant phone calls and scant emails. But God worked and kept His promise of giving us the perfect person for us and our paths finally came together (c) 06/2008 bringing us to this perfect union …I LOVE you… my best friend…My Love… My Life…(.MC) …from…LH

Mia’s version

Human is not perfection but imperfection stabilized by love and compassion, living not in fear but opening my mind and heart once again to receive the touch embedded in my dreams, breathing in your essence has caused my completion which is fulfilling and uplifting to my soul, bringing peace of mind, closing the chapter of hurt, leaving blank pages for you to fill with, love, joy, and happily everafters, with no pain or regret. Your laugh, moan, voice bringing confidence and integrity ensuring a clear, bright view of our future. MY SPIRIT HAS EMBRACED YOURS WITH NO RESERVATION. Possibilities seem endless, my love unconditional.(LH)MC (c) 11-2-08