Wedding Story

The best day of our lives

We were planning something big but decided that a big wedding wasn't for us. So one day, Dora was off from work (it was a Friday) and we decided to go to Greenwich, CT for a marriage license.

We went and filed for our license and, on the Metro-North ride back, we called invited some close friends to join us on the following Tuesday (Dora's next day off) to come to our wedding.

The following Tuesday, we got casually dressed — I was in a pink summer dress and Dora was in some nice jeans and a white button-down shirt — and got back on the Metro-North. It was a beautiful day — sunny and in the 80s.

We were accompanied by my little sister and Dora's best friend. We arrived at the Greenwich Town Hall and were greeted by Dora's mother, sister and our Justice of the Peace.

We all went into this beautiful conference room and we were married. The JP said the most beautiful vows about us bettering ourselves to strengthen our marriage and to keep the fires burning forever. The whole room was in tears.

Afterwards, we went to Brooklyn and had hot wings for lunch. It was the perfect day and it was so US!