Wedding Story

A choice

Before the softball season started in April of 2009 I (Cecillia) had been going through a very difficult time trying to stay on my own feet and getting over a very bad break up with my ex-boyfriend. I decided that I wasn’t going to pass up the chance to try and make a change and play my favorite game. The season started out great, we were doing really well and so was I. It was then at the end of June I decided to follow through with another one of my long time dreams…the military…more specifically the Army.

By the end of the summer I was training so I could sign my contract. I was so lost in working out and working in general as well as getting through some things on my own that I was no where ready for a relationship. This is the beginning of something rather funny.

I took notice of Jacky right away. I thought to myself wow she is really cute. It took a good month for me to realise that I definitly had to talk to her. She was always at the games and sat on the bench because her ex at the time was playing on my team. Then one day she over heard me talking about my recruter when she finally spoke up and asked, “are you in the Army?” That’s when it all began.

After talking to her for the rest of the remaining game I realised that we had more in common than I would of ever thought. She was a veteran and loved anything military. That was her first brownie point! Then after that we just talked at the games and she made me laugh like no one else has. She became the highlight of my games as well as my life.

At the end of the season we both became sad that we won’t be able to see each other every Monday night. She was also planning on moving to California with her ex. The week after the last game changed everything. I knew there was a connection but I did my best to try and ignore it because I didn’t think that I was ready. Then the saturday after the last game (08/08/09) she invited me out to the bar. I went and she has really bad anxiety and it was definitly showing. I kept asking what was wrong and she finally admitted that it was me.

I had no idea what she was talking about so I had leave the bar with her so that we could talk. We went to Denny’s parking lot (not sure why we didn’t go in lol) and that’s when she spilled her beans. She laid her heart on the line even though she wasn’t completely sure if I was straight, gay or bi-sexual. She took the jump and told me how much she had this huge crush on me and how she wanted to be with me. I kissed her and that’s when I realised there was definitly something more there than just friends.

I have known I was bi for a couple of years but never truly knew for sure simple because I was never given a chance by another woman. I knew I had to make a choice and I had to follow my heart. It was one of the best decisions I have ever made.

Jacky and I have been inseperable ever since and we couldn’t be happier. We both had to do the hardest thing…listen and follow our hearts. I mentioned earlier that it was the military that started it all. I am still pursuing my dream and im leaving in about a week. Jacky are currently engaged and can’t wait until our wedding day however until the Obama Administration makes some changes that cannot happen until im discharged from the military.

This process has been the most exciting yet scariest things I have ever gone through. I have had two of my dreams come true but because legally people do dont see the same way they cannot exist together peacefully. I give a huge amount of credit to those who know our situation and can work with it. I know it is going to be hard but I know that we are both strong.

It took faith and belief for us to come together and it’s going to take even more to stay together!!