Wedding Story

An Evening to Remember

Late Friday afternoon on the 4th of July, Jim surprised Luis with a trip to the equestrian center in Burbank. Luis was really very surprised as we had previously planned for a small BBQ! We went horse back riding for about 1 hour; we stopped and had dinner at the Viva La Fresh Mexican cantina, then took off again to finish riding.

Later that evening Jim received a ‘call’ from work about a server problem and needed to go in to fix it. Jim dragged Luis all the way to the office in downtown LA to fix the computer problem.

To Luis’ surprise, Jim took him up to the roof of the office building to watch the fire works all around Los Angeles. While up on the roof Jim brought out champagne, 2 flutes and 3 red roses. They toasted and Jim took out the first rose representing their past, the second for the present and the third for their future together. Jim then got down on one knee and opened the ring box and proposed. Of course, in all his shock, Luis was able to say yes.