Wedding Story

Facebook Fairytale

“You should take a look at the daughter!” my mom encouraged on a late Thursday night. She (Mom) had asked me to drive her across the state of Florida to meet up with an old high school friend who was visiting here from New Jersey. They had reconnected their friendship via Facebook and Mom was thrilled to see him! I told her that I would do it, no problem, and with a laugh, told her the trip didn’t require any introductions.

Let’s face it. Most mom’s and lesbian daughters have TOTALLY different taste.

So, I checked out this girl’s Facebook profile. She seemed witty, intelligent, and I admit- she was undoubtedly my type. I patted Mom on the shoulder. She said “You see!” several times. I sent her a friends request.

A few days later…

I got the notification. Of course, like any good Facebooker, I stalked her page. Not only did she have hypnotizing eyes and an addictive smile, but she could sing. She could play guitar. My heart fluttered like a butterfly on Redbull. She was online, so I sent her a message introducing myself and explaining I wasn’t some random girl sending a request. I was simply some random girl sending a request.

She laughed.

We exchanged numbers later on in the conversation. She told me I could call/text whenever I wanted to. And as much as I wanted to immediately, I waited. Encouraging an Aries to wait for virtually anything is like asking Obama to directly call you regarding a health care concern. Instead, I waited until the next night (Saturday) to text her and tell her I was going to call. I was in the 7-11 parking lot.

It’s a night I’ll never forget.

We spoke on the phone for over an hour. That’s been our shortest conversation since. When we weren’t discussing love and life voice to voice, we were texting. Thank God for unlimited minutes and text! I can’t imagine what our cell phone bills would’ve been otherwise.

Black Friday, we shopped together. We stayed on the phone while I battled stores filled with psycho shoppers all hoping for a good deal. She thought it was cute that I stink at math, so she helped me calculate all of the per centages on random items I thought would make great Christmas gifts. Little did I know she would be the greatest Christmas gift I had ever indirectly asked for. She was on my list, somewhere, and somehow..I got what I had asked for.

We spent so much time communicating that the Monday Mom and I were driving to the other side of the state had arrived with the blink of an eye. She and I had decided to meet in person that night, since Mom and her friend and her Mom all were going to *insert heavy Jersey accent* “Talk and reminisce.”

At a sports bar named Houligan’s, I sat with Mom and the other group waiting for her to arrive. I tried my hardest to pay attention to the football game on the wide screen t.v.s, but the truth is that I loathe men in tight white pants grunting and chasing a ball. Instead, I counted shoe laces.

After what felt like years of anticipation and trips to the bathroom to adjust, re-apply, and breathe, she arrived. 2 words describe how I felt the moment she looked into my eyes as she walked closer to the table.


We hugged immediately and as our hearts beat against each other, she softly whispered “I don’t ever want to let go.” She says “And then you giggled and melted in my arms.” That night, there was magic within the Florida humidity. The stars seemed to be shining brighter, the moon seemed to smile wider, and I swear, I heard the applause of angels.

It’s apparent that she felt and heard and saw those same things, because here we are, planning our wedding with the encouragement and support of our Mom’s, our Mom’s friend, and the rest of our families. I have never been more sure of anything in my life..not even when it comes to ordering off the menu at the Cheesecake Factory or my decision about green peppers over red (which she incidentally hates).

We are absolutely positive we want to take this journey through life together, no matter how we have to get there. We’re prepared, with God to guide us and love to keep us warm.