Wedding Story

Finding the one

Gina and I met in October of 2007, I walked in to a meeting and she was there and i lost my breath for a moment i thought she was the most beautiful person i had ever seen and was instantly drawn to her, I found this funny as i was married to a man (my second marriage at that to a man) things were not good in my life and my marriage was on the outs but we didn’t know how to let go, I later found out the she was also married to a man and thought what shot do i have. We started hanging out and going to the gym all the time just to see eachother and have a reason to spend time together well need less to say we were spending 2-3 hours @ the gym we were looking good but figured we had better try something different so we went out on March 13, 2009 it was a fabulous day we both knew there was something there we just didn’t know how to go forward or if we should. we finally did take it further she gave me our first kiss very quick and so cute i thought not enough i want more so we continued to learn more about eachother and finally decided that we needed to be together always so started the end of one life and the beginning of another life, i have never once regretted starting a relationship with Gina and can’t wait to be her Wife and her mine, we share a deep spirtual connection that i don’t even know how to explain. she is my happily ever after and i will be hers always.