Wedding Story

A Flair for the Dramatic

Joel and I met by chance through a mutual acquaintance (aka his, at the time, boyfriend).

Things started moving shortly thereafter, and before we knew it, we were talking about the next step in our relationship.

As a dancer, I have a tendency to be a little eccentric and sometimes over the top. Naturally, I would often threaten that if he proposed to me in a less than spectacular, creative, and ingenious way I would simply say "No, try again."

Little did I know that sly devil had taken what I said literally and immediately began planning this momentous act.

In my last year of college I had a senior dance performance at the end of the year that he invited all of our closest friends and his mother to. I thought it was all for my show. But at the very end, my director came on stage to announce one final performance before we all departed. "Our" song was cued and the lights dimmed and out came Joel and two close girlfriends who danced with me onto the stage.

Now, my Joel is simply not a dancer and has always been a bit more on the reserved side when it came to our relationship, but on that stage he was beautiful and he wanted everyone to know that he was dancing for me. At the end of his piece he walked me out on stage and told me how he felt and told me how our love gave him the courage to face the world.

Then he knelt on one knee in front of over 200 people screaming and cheering in the audience and asked me to marry him. He had apparently been working this out with my entire dance company, director, lighting technician, and house manager for months and I was completely oblivious until that day. It was such a magical moment for me, and I said "Yes!" without hesitation.