Wedding Story

How we knew…

When we first met, I felt awkward. She was so stunning and for some reason made me nervous. I remember walking into the apartment and when she saw me she asked, "What's your name?" When I told her my nickname, Punk, she gave me this look of disgust and simply said, "What's your real name?" I looked at her again stunned that she would deny me my nickname! "It's Krystie-Lee but everyone calls me Punk." She responded: "Well I'm not everyone. I will call you Krystie-Lee." I knew right there that, if nothing else, I had found an amazing friend.

Later on that year she called me at 2 AM, crying. She asked if she could come and stay with me and if it was okay that she brought her daughter. Of course, I told her to come stay here and my door would always be open for her.

We lived together for a few months before I left to join the military. Between four hour phone calls and constant letter-writing, I managed to tell her one night how I felt. I don't quite recall how we got on the conversation but I simply said, "Kari, I love you more than a best friend. And one day I will marry you." She was quiet before she said the words I will never forget, "I love you too. Krystie-Lee, I couldn't love you more than I do already."

She has had my heart for almost two years now and I have never been happier with anyone. Her daughter is five now and calls me Mom. Nobody told her to or anything; I guess she just knows that she has a mommy now. We cannot wait for our time to come to marry in front of our friends and family. We've agreed on dresses for ourselves and of course for our daughter. Nothing stands in our way. That is really all there is to us. I have my best friend and she will soon be my wife. I love you, Kari.