Wedding Story

It all starts with a kiss

Says Carol: Chrissy and I first met in high school. From the day I met her I knew that I had met my soul mate. Not knowing what I was feeling as I had never felt this way about a girl, I did nothing for about six months. Then, one night I was sitting in my room and I wrote her a three page letter confessing my love.

We spent the next year getting to know each other better and just hanging out. One day, we came to where we had to make a choice to take the next step in the relationship or walk away. We were sitting in my den and she was poking me and I said, "Keep poking me and I will kiss you." She didn't stop so I leaned over and kissed her. I couldn't leave without seeing her every day so she moved in with me. Having her there everyday was so nice. We had never had a fight in 2 years of being together. About a year after the kiss, however, I got scared and walked away from her and went on to have my two wonderful sons. We only talked a handful of times over the next ten years, but I went on with my life, as did she.

One day I logged in to Facebook and there was a friend request from Chrissy. After not having spoken to her for almost 4 years, I can say I was a little taken aback, but accepted right away and sent her a message with my phone number and left it at that. Then, the phone rang and I knew it was her. I just had this feeling. I took a deep breath and answered. I heard her sweet voice and the last ten years seemed to melt away.

I asked her to come hang out. She called me three times, asking if I still wanted her to come over I just kept saying yes. When she arrived, we took one look at each other and knew that we were on the same page and felt the same way. We have not spent a day apart since that day: September 17th, 2008.