Wedding Story

It’s About Time

It all started 15 years ago when were 12. Amanda and I both were placed on the same softball team. She was the team pitcher and I was the team catcher. If I sit here and say it was love at first sight, I would be lying. It was more like hate. We couldn’t stand each other to save our lives. I felt at times she used my head as her target. We were on the same team all the way through high school. I found out right before we went out on the field, sophomore year, she was dating someone. I wasn’t mad, I was pissed! I don’t think she even knew what was wrong with me. She kept asking me during the game what was wrong. I just rolled my eyes at her and kept playing. At that moment in time I knew I was feeling her. It was the end of the off season of our junior year. Amanda and I were on the bus ride home from an away game and Amanda decided to sit next to me. I was like great she is either coming to complain about something or she is up to being her normal evil self. Not the case at all. We talked and flirted the whole time. I think I even gave her a ride home that night. A few weeks later we started seeing each other. Then May 1st came around that year and I asked her out. We have been together ever since. 10 years later after my dad and sister were bugging me to propose I felt it was time. Throughout our up and downs she has stuck with me through thick and thin so I wanted to make sure the proposal was perfect. I was up to no good in my head but she is nosey and blew the secret. I proposed and it was the best feeling in the world.