Wedding Story

Lashawn and Denita- Twin Hearts One Love

Denita and I met briefly during the fall recreation football season of 2008 through a mutual friend/acquaintance of both of ours. We would see one another occasionally on Saturday’s at the football game when Denita was able to attend. We would speak but nothing more than that. One day I asked our mutual friend for Denita’s telephone number and they got it for me. After meeting her, I could tell she was a good person and we could possibly become really good friends, so one day while at work I sent her a text message inviting her over to watch the Redskins and Giants game on Sunday knowing that she was an avid football fan. Unfortunately, something came up and she was unable to make it (sad face). We never had a chance to speak again after football season ended. On March 22, 2009, I was at my youngest son’s basketball championship game, when out of nowhere I received a text from her. As soon as her text came through an immediate smile appeared on my face. I was so excited to hear from her again. We continued to text one another all day just getting to know one another better. We found out we are both Gemini’s my birthday is June 18 and her birthday is June 14, I was born in 1975 and she was born in 1976. I am 361 days older than her, what a coincidence. We decided to schedule a lunch date for that upcoming Tuesday March 24, 2009. She agreed to pick me up from work and we would have lunch. On March 24, 2009 she picked me up and we went to a nearby Wendy’s for lunch. I ordered French fries and chicken nuggets and she had a single with cheese combo. From the moment we sat down, there was an instant chemistry between the two of us. After lunch we continued to text one another over the next couple of days and decided to schedule a date for that upcoming Friday, March 27, 2009 and we have been together every day since. On June 16th of this year, we were just hanging out doing a little shopping and having fun. We went into a nearby mall and there we went into a Kay Jewerly store looking at rings and bridal sets. Although, we already knew we were going to have a ceremony and share the rest of our lives together, I would always joke that I was never officially proposed too. We also knew that June 16th would be our wedding date because we wanted it to be between our birthdays. So on that particular day as we entered the Jewerly store, we casually began to look at rings. I immediately saw a ring set that I fell in love with. Denita too found a ring which matched the set that she loved. So there in the Jewerly store, Denita proposed to me. I was so overcomed with emotions, it was priceless! I thank God each and every day for allowing our paths to cross the way they did and at the time they did. Love is a wonderful and beautiful thing and I hope everyone gets a chance to experience love like we have. Denita is one of the best things that have ever happened to me. Our love continues to grow stronger and stronger each day and I would be so incomplete without her in my life. I love her more today than yesterday but not as much as tomorrow.