Wedding Story

Love at first sound

Kristi and I met in July of 2008 at a business convention. We are both blind and I was working and living in Colorado at the time. I wanted to move back to Austin, Texas to be closest to my family and friends.

Krsti worked in Austin at a rehabiltation center where I was looking for work. I went to Dallas to attend the National Federation of the Blind convention and at that convention is where I first heard her voice.

I went to the Texas affliate section of the large convention hall in hopes of speaking with the director of the rehabilitation center that I wanted to apply for a job with. The director was not around so one of my good friends pointed me in Kristi's direction.

I can remeber it like it was yesterday. I bent down and introduced myself to her. "Hi my name is Jeanine. You must be Kristi…"

Anyway, once she started talking I couldn't get her voice out of my head. I didn't see her again that week. But she told me then that the rehabilitation center she worked at could sure use someone like me. I was flattered of course!

Two days after that convention, a job posting for the rehabilitation center came across one of the mailing lists I subscribe to. I jumped on it and in less than two months I was hired and living in Austin again.

Once I started working at the rehabilitation center Kristi and became fast friends. I had a major crush on her right away. But I was careful because Kristi was not out yet. We had a six month friendship that gradually progressed into more.

Kristi made it clear on night after her 35th birthday party that if I wasn't going to make the first move then she was. I was the perfect gentle-woman believing that her advances were just the result of too much alcohol at the birthday party. But the next morning Kristi was not running away from me. Instead she ran right into my arms and we've never looked back.

I was so scared to get involved with a woman who had never been with another woman again but Kristi has never given me a reason to regret giving her a chance. She is wonderful!