Wedding Story

Lovers Lost and Now Found

On a hot spring afternoon in 2009, we met in Frederick, Maryland where we laid eyes on one another. We both were going through HELL in our current relationships but that didn’t stop us from speaking and exchanging names. At that point, Eric thought that I (Omar) had the worst of attitudes but little did he know, my relationship at the time was on its way to an end. Because of my faithfulness to the man I was with, we didn’t speak after that point. The funny thing was he to was feeling the same way and out of respect for his current relationship we decided not to speak due to the attraction. Atonishingly, two years later we reconnected and the both of us were just about to give up on love and committments with others. Believe it or not we did search for one another and shockingly enough, Eric found me on facebook. (Inbox from Eric) I enjoyed your company. and o yes u put a big smile on my face!! blushing! lol…. but yes hit my phone wen u get urs together cuz i like talking to u!! sweet dreams lil daddi…(Inbox from Omar) really enjoyed talkin with u this evening… def put a smile on my face… i will txt u when i get my phone up and running! The next morning I surprised Eric with a phone call followed up by a text message and he instantly caught butterflies. From these messages that we sent to each other confirmed that our vibe was right and the next step was for us to get together and go on a date to catch up from the years that we’ve missed. On the night of April 18, 2011 we exchanged numbers and from that point on until we went on our first date, we NEVER missed a day without talking to one another for atleast two plus hours! As we got off the phone, Eric informed me that he was headed to my area and asked if we could go out and catch up! With BIG smiles on my face I said yes, when and where! I said before we knew the vibe was right but after the conversations and our first date, we knew right then and there that we had a connection that was unbreakable! The next day (April 19, 2011) Eric called me and said he was enroute to meet up. We met in Hagerstown, MD for dinner. After dinner, I envited him back to my place for wine and we rekindled further. As we sat catching up, you could feel the connection between us. Eric was supposed to go back to his home that night but it ended up getting to late so I offered him my bed and I took the couch. The next morning, I awakened Eric with breakfast in bed…As the day went by it was time to bring him back home but it ended up a weekend get-away for Eric. Spending time together the entire weekend made us both realize that there was NO WAY POSSIBLE to give up on love and committment just yet. That weekend made us both realize that we had love for one another yet we both were afraid to share with one another our true feelings, but we decided to open up and share our feelings and allow faith to run its course. It didn’t come to a shock to any of us that we both were feeling the same way. We looked into each other’s eyes and knew that we were inlove and that we wanted to be committed. As time went on we became bestfriends and inseparable…Being inseparable led me to asking for Eric’s hand in marriage. With out any hessitation, Eric gladly excepted my proposal! From that point on we knew I was his “King” and he was my “Ace”!