Wedding Story

More than lovers we are BESTFRIENDS

I swear before I met CJ, I was all work no play run, run, run. I did so much that I not only had time to sleep, but I didn’t have that much time to spend with my daughter. When we met it was like I knew she was gonna be in my life forever. Not only did I use to play basketball for her when, I ran into her at a night club I used to work for all I coulnd think about was running lines on the basketball court.

The crazy thing is that when I gave her my number she lost it and I saw a friend of hers at the club and told her friend to let CJ know how I thought that was messed up that she didn’t call me. That’s when her bestfriend called her and we talked while I was working at the club.

We talked for about a week nonstop on the phone while she was living in Hawaii and then she told me to drop everything I was doing to come a spend the week with her down in Honolulu and on New Years at the strike of midnight that’s when she asked me to be with her while we watched the fireworks at overlooking the beach.