Wedding Story

No Regrets

Stan and I met in 1990 in Lockport, New York. I just turned 21 and Stan was 29. Stan was my first and only boyfriend. It must have been love at first sight; we moved in together one week after meeting and have been together for 18 years. Stan was hired at the University of Texas Medical Branch in Galveston, Texas where we moved after knowing each other for only four months.

We now live in Houston, Texas and own a lake home in Coldspring, Texas. We are world travelers and enjoy SCUBA diving, skydiving, rock climbing and karate. We are best friends. Nothing we have came easy, we work hard for everything that we have and do. We are both enrolled in college to further our education. We are two compassionate and caring men and always lend a helping hand to others. We stay busy and entertained with travel and extra curricular activities and our relationship is never stagnant. When we met, we decided that we are in our relationship long term.

We had our issues in the beginning, however, giving up was not an option. Relationships are not easy but if two people love each other they will overcome any obstacles that come their way. We are free spirited, goal oriented and forward thinking. All that we are arises with our thoughts; with our thoughts, we make our world.