Wedding Story

From Opposite Poles to One Intersection

Becky and I seem to be complete opposites on paper. Others might say to themselves: "Now how do a white girl from the suburbs of Massachusetts and a hispanic girl from the cities of New Jesery mesh?" But, really, we make sense in person.

We enjoy each other's company more than anything, since we don't get to have it as often as other couples. We laugh at each other. We make fun of one another; everything that an old married couple does. You know those two old muppet men that sit in the theatre? That's us. And here is our story:

Typically people meet online from Eharmony or Match.com, something like that. But Becky and I, being the dorks that we are, met on a role play site, writing stories based on ready made characters/real people.

She had just joined as another and I left her a message to welcome her in and to message me anytime. Surely enough she did. We connected very quickly and soon became friends.

We then met each other that summer at an Anime Convention in Baltimore. We were both dressed up and she had spotted me but when she called me over I didn't recognize her at all for a few seconds. I must have had a pretty blank expression on my face or something, but a few seconds later the blonde hair clicked into my head and we hung out for the rest of the day.

This stayed the same for a while, but, a few months later, add arising feelings and you get two very confused girls, harboring these feelings that we weren't so confident in sharing with each other, coupled with the old fear of rejection.

Through these insecure times, we did have one thing to look forward to: another anime convention, where we would be able to see each other again. And, for this event, we had both told ourselves that we would ask the other person out.

But we were both far too shy, and despite all the perfect opportunities that we had (since at this point we did act like a couple but..we weren't, it confused a lot of people), neither of us asked.

Finally, someone tipped off our friend Jane that I had feelings for Becky (to this day we have no idea who or how Jane knew) and Becky and I asked each other out on the one year anniversary of our meeting face to face. It was a joint asking out process! What can I say?

Later on in our relationship we talked so much about becoming engaged and getting married, but it wasn't truly finalized until I went to spend the week with Becky in New Jersey and she gave me a ring. And the rest is history.