Wedding Story

Our Introduction

First of all, we’re not married…yet. unbeknownst to her, I will be proposing next week while we’re on our first trip to Europe. I am getting increasingly excited and nervous as the days progress. I can’t wait to see her face when I get down on one knee, pull out the rock, and ask the big question! Her expression and response will be priceless and one that I know I will always remember and cherish. Well, here’s our story up to this point.

We “met” in March 2010 through a Baltimore lesbian meet-up group. We joined the group within a few days of each other and I wasted no time in posting a greeting on this beautiful girl’s profile. At the time, Stephanie was in Baltimore and I was in Iraq with a return date in July. Although we couldn’t have been any further apart physically, that didn’t cause either of us to have any hesitation about our growing attraction for each other. Our email correspondence was soon supplemented with Skype calls and we spent the next 4 months turning our schedules upside down (because of the 7 hour time difference) to maximize the amount of time we could see each other and talk. Even from the beginning, our conversations came naturally like we had known each other for years. Well, except for our first phone call in which I was so nervous I couldn’t articulate any thoughts and she did all the talking…which she is superbly good at!

Finally, the end of July came and I was on my way home. She came to the airport to pick me up and waited 6 hours for my delayed plane to land. Seeing her in person for the first time in the airport and finally being able to hold her, I knew that I had found my other half. Soon after, I presented her with a promise ring, pledging my faithfulness and promising her that one day we will be married. Well, we quickly settled into basically married mode and bought a house in December. A year into our relationship I embarked on a hunt for an engagement ring. True to Asian form, I did my research. For months I scoured the internet for information about diamonds as well as local and online jewelers. I memorized the 4 Cs, learned about diamond fluorescence, and read hundreds of blogs and articles. In the end, I designed a custom ring and had it made last month. The anticipation of proposing is almost too much to contain at this point!

We are taking a trip through Europe beginning next week and I haven’t pinpointed an exact place or time to ask her…I’m hoping that I will just know when the moment is right. In my mind I envision a quiet and private place, a breathtaking backdrop of scenery paired with a beautiful sunset, and both of us dressed up for a night out. It’s great because she has no idea this is happening. Keeping a secret like this is ridiculously challenging!