Wedding Story

our life togather

mary and me met in 1976. a friend i went to high school with introduced us. it was in santa clara california. mary was living in a motel with her then partner liz. she had a body cast covering her right arm down to her navel. i took one look at her, and couldn’t wait to get out of that room. we met again at my friend from high schools apt. i told my friend pam, that i wanted to talk to someone who is gay, and she again introduced me to mary. we started out as friends, i saw her a few times a week. one day she asked me to drive her to sacramento california to meet some of her friends. we made many trips to sacramento. each trip she would sit right next to me, so close that our legs would touch. well on one of those trips, i suddendly knew i liked her. when we got back to san jose california. i wrote her a note that said, i know you are with liz right now, but do you think there could be a chance for us someday? about a month later mary told me she liked me too.so we got togather, and i moved in with her. i was 22 and she 34.we have been togather for 32 wonderful and trying years. she is the love of my life.