Wedding Story

Our Love is Real with NO worries

I met Gina Online on My Space of all places!

I live in California and she lives in MA. She was coming out of a crazy relationship and we were just friends who had casual conversation here and there.

Well, in May our "relationship" starting getting a little bit serious and I realized that I loved this woman!

We weren't expecting to fall in love but we did.

Regina's words to me were always, "no worries," so I stick with this to this very day.

I love her so much and she has met my mom and kids here in California and I have met her family, too. My family and children just love her to death!

I am moving to Massachusetts in January of 2008 because my job has granted me a job transfer.

I feel so blessed to not only have my best friend but I now have a parent for my kids, too. That's so very important; she loves them as much as we love her.

We are our having our commitment ceremony in Las Vegas on the 10th of December, 2007. We will then legally get married in OUR home state of Massachusetts. Wish us luck as we embark on our Journey….