Wedding Story


it all started back in high school. One day during lunch i was sitting in a booth looking at the field hockey team running from the gym to the field and I saw her: Rachel.

She had the cutest haircut, this smile from ear to ear and beautiful big blue eyes. You see, i had been out since 9th grade and later found out that Rachel had a boyfriend. But that didn't stop me from trying to flirt with her.

Although she was a little intimidated by my outness — and i think a little confused — we finally met up my senior year. We had the same science class. Our school did a fundraising event where one can buy roses and send them to someone you have a crush on…kinda like a secret admirer.

i turned to Rach and asked her what i should do. i told her i had a crush on a girl and i didn't know how to tell her, and i wasn't sure if the girl liked me. Rach responded with: just go for it and tell her. Qhat do you have to lose? Well, Rach then raised her hand and went to the bathroom. While she was gone, i put the rose on her desk and when she came back she sat down looked up and smiled…i don't think she knew how to react since i was a girl and she was dating a guy so we never made anything of it.

So five years later, I had just moved back to Philly from CT and I turned to the computer to try and meet some new people. So I went and checked my mail and saw that I had a message from Rachel saying that she found me on myspace and wanted to chat. So I sent her a text message that night and we ended up talking through text all night long.

We talked for a week and then decided to make plans that weekend to hang out on Saint Patrick's Day. I was excited but also nervous because I didn't know what to make of this date.

Did she really like me or did she just see this date as hanging out as friends? But when we saw each other we both knew at that moment that this was going to be something special.

Now it's nine months later and we are trying to get things together to plan our wedding. It's only has been 9 months but this whole journey has been a lot of learning and we still don't know everything about each other but we want to spend the rest of our lives trying to figure each other out.

We live love and laugh….and we do it together.