Wedding Story

Proposal in Venice

Eric and I recently traveled and spent two weeks in Great Britain and Italy.

Italy has so much to offer from its rich and fascinating history to its breath-taking countryside beauty.

The third and final city we toured was Venice (which just so happened to be my favorite). Venice, as I’m sure you know, is an island surrounded entirely by water requiring boats to assist you with your travels, most notably their Gondolas and water taxis.

Every square inch of Venice exudes romance. In the morning, your first breath of Venice air awakes the butterflies that flutter in the depths of your “love soul.” Each step you take on the walkways that parallel the water usher in pure fascination and enchantment!

On our last night, shortly after dinner and an amazing theater performance, Eric and I took one of our last strolls. While walking, we watched the ripples in the water, the bright moon above, and took in Venice’s entire natural wondrous environment.

There was a light rain falling so we were sharing an umbrella as we walked and talked hand in hand literally sensing one another’s heartbeat.

We both took this opportunity to share our appreciation for one another over the past five years, recalling so many fond, happy and enjoyable memories.

After discovering a remote, dry corner where no rain could reach us, we sat briefly in silence appreciating the rare and breathtaking moment we were in.

It was then that Eric proclaimed his immense joy, love, adoration and admiration for our relationship and, pulling out an eye-catching band, asked me if I would make him this happy forever.

Having been walking on clouds since arriving in Venice (our dinners, boat rides, walks, talks, etc.), I was overwhelmed with emotion and, though I found no words, there were plenty of tears to make up for it.

I eventually did respond, mumbling something along the lines of, “Eric I’d have to be the world’s biggest fool to love, honor, support, raise children and grow old with anyone other than you and 'yes' I will!”

Well, I could go on forever sharing my thoughts, fears (as this is a giant responsibility/commitment that I do not take lightly), excitement, joy (I probably have slept a total of two hours each night since); it has been an exciting emotional roller-coaster to say the least. Our wedding date is set for November 14, 2009. Seven years to the day we first met.