Wedding Story

Righting Wrongs

Beverly and i met on a phone chat in NY. I was tired of meeting the wrong people in the wrong places so i tried phone chats….yeah i know "lol"! But as i was browsing though some intros i got a message from a woman who seemed to be very interested in talking to me so i responded and we exchanged numbers and talked from 8pm til 6am.."she had to be to work at 8!

We talked for a month then decided to meet. I loved her from the day i saw her..but she was tangled with another and i walked away to let her figure out what she wanted. several years and hundreds of miles later i decided to look her up online and i found a number…called it…got her voice mail and left her the sweetest of messages.

I was at work when she tried to call me back 1000 times! She told me her heart skipped a beat and she listened to my voice mail 100 times until i called her back! I am never letting her get away again…she belongs to me and I am forever hers.

I asked her to be my wife and she said she would like nothing more. So in march 2010 we are getting married and I cannot wait.