Wedding Story

She Already Knew!

When Kee & I met, I certainly wasn’t into women, or so I thought…..

I had been out of my past relationship for about 8 months before I met Kee. My beautiful sister, whom I call “sissy”, kept saying, we need to go to the club “Chaps!” You love to dance, and everytime we go to the “Straight” clubs, they look at us like we’re crazy, but if we go to Chaps, your gonna feel right at home.

So after several times of her asking, she finally convinced me to go. I have to say she wasn’t wrong at all! I absoutely loved the club, and danced like I was the only beautiful girl on the dance floor. Needless to say, I was in my zone, doing one of the things, my heart passions about..DANCING!

Well upon arriving, I came across a very dear High School friend of mines, who had been in the life since those days. So it was no shocker to see her there. As we hugged and talked very quickly, she introduced to me Kee. I shook Kee’s hand, said it’s nice to meet you, smiled, and went on about my business to the dance floor. Kee was and still is a very quiet person, very much reserved. So she asked “K” to ask me if she could dance with me…I said yes, and it was a very beautiful dance…So respectful, genuine, and just right. However, I had no idea, that my hand shake, smile, dancing, and more would have her falling for me at first sight!

Well, seeing as I was hooked to the music, the scene, the dancing, I made it my business to go to Chaps every Thursday night. I didn’t realize that Kee was there also, chilling on the side watching me, waiting for the right moment to speak. On that 3rd week at Chaps, she finally came up and spoke again, I excitedly engaged in conversation with her. It wasn’t till then that we realized, we were working in the exact same building one floor up from one another, and had never seen each other. As fate would have it, we didnt get to exchange numbers, and that was the end of the night…

Knowing where she worked…I made the initial first call, we spoke very quickly, I asked her to stop by on her way home…She came by for what seemed like a milli-second, and that was that….She came over the day after and the rest is HISTORY! The first Kiss she planted on my lips, gave me chills through my spine, and thats when I knew, I was more than just cool with women of the rainbow…I had a thing for them, but didn’t acknowledge it, until she came along. & she was and has ALWAYS been THE RIGHT ONE!

8 years later, our realtionship has seen many clouds, but the Sun has certainly had it’s way in our life! We love each other enough to fight for what & who we believe in…Making this commitment to be with someone who has always been commited to me, is the BEST decision I could have ever made! So excited for the rest of our lives!