Wedding Story

Two Hearts, Two Lives, One LOVE!!

When Amber and I first met, it was my graduation day.

I was at my friend Jenn's house for a graduation party. And there she was.

I never admitted to anyone, except my best friend, that I was bi-sexual. But after a question by one of the guys there, I shouted it out. Knowing Amber was gay, i wanted to let her know "quietly" that I was interested.

Well Alcohol and Intentions never quite go hand in hand. She was aggressive and flirty, we were "fighting" but it was more like foreplay. I knew immediately that I wanted to be with this amazing girl! But, nothing happened that night, because i got confused and thought she was still with her ex-who was there.

Well, five months down the road, we were both online. We start talking and expressing straight forward interest in each other. I spent my whole college break at her apartment. I found out she was bipolar around that time, but, having grown up with my sister who is also bipolar, I wasn't afraid.

At her mom's Christmas party, Amber was having a hard time with all the people; she was anxious, and wanted to be alone. I didn't understand, but i followed her to her room. She was shaking, so I held her and rubbed her back for hours.

She said later that she knew right then that I was the one for her. (I knew WAY before then!!!) She asked me out for the first time, that night and gave me a necklace.

We had a pretty rough time out first year. With her not being on medicine, we fought a lot. But we toughed it out. And it made out relationship stronger.

We moved in together when she started college. And, one day shy of two years together, I arrived home, and she said, "Close your eyes!" and walked me into the bedroom.

There were candles all aglow, and rose petals from the doorway into the room. She handed me a long shallow box and began to read something she had written.

It was the long, beautiful, heartfelt story of how she felt about me, us, what we had gone through together, and where we were heading.

At the very end (and I was crying by the way), she asks me "Will you marry me?"

Of course I said yes. But life got in the way, and we never set a date.

We had been engaged about 6 months when we had to move from our apartment. We moved 30 miles away into a cute little trailer even though Amber was still in college in the town we had left behind.

Long commutes and work days put us all on edge.

I was working a job I hated and didn't really have the money for a wedding, especially since she was still in school. But we figured, if we wanted to get married we should do it, and it would all work out somehow.

So we picked a date and told our families and the most amazing thing happened! Our families volunteered to do almost everything for us. It was wonderful. "We" planned a "small" wedding for 150 people!

We made the ceremony to fit us. To fit our families. She is pagan, and I'm agnostic, so it was NOT a church wedding. We had it outside at her parents house in the country, on a beautiful, windy August day. About 60 people ended up coming.

Her mother did all the flowers, and half of the food, my mom did the other half and the georgous cake! The person who performed it donated her services. Everyone had a part in it.

We kept out vows hidden from each other until the day we got married.

Amber's dad, normally very stoic, cried when we read the vows we had written. Her mom said it was very easy to picture herself in our place, because the vows were so heartfelt.

We printed a copy of our vows and asked all our guests to sign them as a symbol of their support for us in our new life. Now, our vows hang in our living room, along with pictures from the happiest day of our lives!