Wedding Story

Us so far…..

We met at Highland Academy (a bording skewl near Portland TN.)

During our sophmore year, we were quietly asked to leave when they found out about our love for each other… we were aloud one more night to pack our things and say our goodbyes… that was the hardest night of my life… we had lived together for almost 2 years an i know that’s not a very long time… especially when compared to how close we grew to eachother… how were we supposed to live apart from eachother?! neither of us thought it possible… we couldnt even remember who’s things were who’s… we’d always shared EVERYTHING….. we spent that night crying and holding eachother… wishing it was only a dream… a nightmare perhaps…

we’d been through so much… How could this happen to us? Was it a punishment from God? or was it something more? Something that was part of God’s plan… No one could understand our creator’s plan… He alone knows begining to end… so we can only trust that He DOES love us for WHO WE TRULY ARE and only wants the best for us…

It’s now May 20th… we havent seen eachother since we got expelled… except for that one time we were able to sneek away… we would every night if we lived in the same town maybe… we live on almost opposite ends of the state….. we’re not allowed to talk to eachother, except on myspace and meebo when her parents are asleep.. or just dont know…..

i pray… i PLEAD for the day when we no longer have to hide and sneek around just to be with the one we love… truly love…..One day, we WILL be free…..