Wedding Story

Very much inlove

Manda and I met online on Plentyoffish.com in year of 2010 month of May. I text her to marry me and she said are you for real on May 24, 2010. We’ve been inlove since the day we’ve met and will never stop til the day we die. She live’s in Alabama. I live in Georgia. She came online the year before and was looking for someone to meet and found my profile. She thought she’d messaged me and did. I had came accross her message one day and left her one back. And we’d started talking at that point. She gave me her number and I gave her mine, we had started texting and calling eachother. From that moment on, It was love at first sight. Manda is very lovable, caring, good hearted, dependable, honest..many more. More then any one could ever deserve. I love her for that and a whole lot more. Every relationship’s have there ups and downs as everyone know’s, but our relationship hasn’t. We have had a great relationship with no arrguement or fight whatsoever. She’s very trustworthy, good companion, understandable also. We’ve both been through hard time relationships though. When we found eachother, we both knew we wouldn’t be hurt again like before.

Manda loves quite alot of everything I like to do. No matter what it is, or what I say, she like’s. Same also with her too. We both been planning on meeting for first time for her birthday. The original day was suppose to be was September 15, 2010. But unfortuanally it was October 8, 2010 we had met. My mom and dad took me to see her for her birthday. I was texting her all the time to her. We’ve got lost most of the way, since dad hadn’t known how to get there. But eventually we got it. We’ve got to the drive way, and I’ve got out the car. She walked to me and I was face to face to her. First thing I asked her was “Do you have a piece a gum”? Funny isn’t that. Mom and dad had stayed for a few and then left for a few hours as we spent the day together. We had gone to the bedroom to drop my thing’s in there and spent a few hours as well. We had lunch and took a few picture’s. Spent some time out side, since it was nice that day. We had tryed to do cake as well but didn’t. My mom and dad came around six to get me to go home. When I was on the way home, I honestly don’t know what the feeling was but the fact of really missing her very much though. I knew she was also. I came home and called her spent the time the rest of the night on the phone til so odd clock in the morning.

There are thing’s that she like’s of course that I don’t and visa versa. But we get along very good. She’s a little more girly at that where I of course where I’m more of butch type. Yes, she love’s that in me. We spend everyday, every hour, every second, saying how much we care about eachother and how much we love eachother because you don’t know when the last day on Earth is. So, basically, tell that someone you love them each and every day. No matter what.