Wedding Story

Wendy and Claudine

Wendy and I actually had a civil union in Vermont in May of 2003, but we really wanted more. We wanted Marriage. So when Canada, Wendy's mother's birth place, passed legislation that would allow us to Marry we put on plan into motion.

Our Canadian friends did so much for us. Not only did they open their home and hearts to us but the made sure all the paper work was done correctly so there would be no last minute issues.

As our wedding day approached and we drove into Canada, Wendy asked me not to tell the border guard that we were going to get married. She was fearful the agent wouldn't let us cross over. I understood her anxiety so when they asked the purpose of our visit I simply stated "to visit friends."

On the day of our wedding my sister and brother-in-law joined us along with our hosts at the court house where we would be married.

The day was warm and sunny and we could not have been happier. Everything went perfectly.

As we said our vows I honestly could not see or hear anyone but Wendy. It was, by far, one of the best days of our lives.

As we approached the US border the next day and the agent asked what we did while in Canada, we proudly told him "We got married!" He smiled, congratulated us and we went on our way — as a married couple.

Later in the summer we invited family and friends to a party to celebrate our marriage. It was full of love and good food.