Wedding Story

Yes, She’s Hope and I’m Hope

"You, my dear, are effing adorable." I'm fairly sure I fell in love with that simple email on Match.com. Hope and I met in late March 2009, with the surprise that we have the same first name. Having both been married before, we both turned to the website to help us find what our non-bar-hopping ways could not. When the mutual attraction was immediately through emails, we decided to meet. I rang her doorbell and when she opened the door I knew in an instant that life had just changed completely. A week later, I proposed and she accepted.

So a little bit about Hope (not me, the other one). She's amazing to say the least. Successful, gorgeous, loving and not afraid of adventure. She gets sick on swingsets and love our kids with all of her heart. She portrays the shaved head, t-shirt and jeans look but is more feminine than all the Sex and the City characters combined. I have two toddler daughters from a previous attempt at marriage. Where she is girly rock bands, I'm 60's folk music. Where she's girly inside, I'm pretty much guy through and through. We fit like puzzle pieces, where one lacks the other fills in, complements but not supplements. All in all, we experience every day together and hold our shared life in the metaphorical palm of our hands like the grain of love that it is to treasure, nourish, and keep safe.