#WedWeCan: Show Your Support For Marriage Equality!

#wedwecanDear Friends,

Today, the Supreme Court hears cases on marriage equality from four states. As the country awaits the Court’s decision – expected in late June – we, along with our long-time industry partner, WeddingWire, welcome you to follow our lead and join our #WedWeCan movement of wedding pros and allies. We are already more than 110,000 strong and hope you’ll show your pride alongside us.

After more than 20 years and 15 wedding anniversaries together, my wife Amy and I were able to legally marry in 2013. And we know that this has everything to do with those who have worked tirelessly on behalf of marriage equality and the many straight allies who have been behind us. Yet, the support the LGBTQ community has gotten from wedding professionals, has been under-reported.

If you ‘heart’ equality, be sure to grab this image and post it on your social media accounts!

Did you know that 86% of WeddingWire professionals plan to work with or are working with same-sex couples this year? This is huge! Wedding pros are amongst marriage equality’s biggest supporters, and I hope you’ll show your support and celebrate our #WedWeCan campaign this spring.

Head over to www.wedwecan.com/showyoursupport to repost the #WedWeCan icon on your websites, Facebook pages, Twitter and Instagram feeds. You can also share images of what love means to you with the hashtag #WedWeCan and help us make history as one movement that stands for marriage equality and a commitment to be inclusive of all couples!

With deep appreciation,

Kathryn Hamm
President, GayWeddings.com
Education Expert, WeddingWire

Wedding innovator Kathryn Hamm (@madebykathryn) is co-author of The New Art of Capturing Love: The Essential Guide to Lesbian & Gay Wedding Photography (Amphoto Books, 2014), an Education Expert for WeddingWire and Publisher of GayWeddings.com