Which Etiquette Rules Apply In A Same-Sex Engagement?

Photo by Ralph AlswangWe were thrilled to be approached by Stephanie Hallett of The Huffington Post this week as she sought more information on the “norms” and “traditions” of same-sex couples who are popping the question, purchasing rings and thinking about exchanging vows.

Here is an excerpt from the article Gay Engagement: Which Etiquette Rules Apply?

Since legal same-sex marriage is so new in the U.S., fewer engagement rules have developed for couples to follow. So it comes as no surprise that gays and lesbians are taking traditionally heterosexual wedding traditions — such as formal proposals and ring-wearing — and reshaping them to form new and individually relevant marriage customs.



“One of the wonderful things about same-sex relationships is that our wedding norms and traditions are developing and unfolding with each new engagement,” says Kathryn Hamm, president of GayWeddings.com.”We find that each couple embarks on an engagement or designs a wedding ceremony in ways which best represent them as a couple, rather than according to rules as to how it should go.”

Like most heterosexual spouses, gay and lesbian couples often choose to wear engagement and wedding rings. But since many same-sex partners held commitment ceremonies long before gay marriage was made legal in some U.S. states, they often already wear symbolic “wedding” bands.

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Photo Credit: Ralph Alswang Photography